Work or working out.

Work or working out.

For the first time in three weeks, I woke up this morning feeling like I was human. I felt healthy, ready to take on the day and make healthy decisions, and be productive. Bronchitis is no joke, it knocked me down for the better part of three weeks. I still have a lingering cough but my doctor said that would probably linger for another week or so. Either way, it is nowhere close to being as bad as it was.

Before heading out the door this morning, I packed lunches for Francisco and myself, put dinner in the crock pot and then went back to the bedroom to set aside workout clothes for tonight. I told Carlos that I absolutely NEEDED to go to the gym tonight after Francisco went to bed. I set clothes out so that it was just that much easier for me to feel prepared.

We were all out of the house by 7am. Carlos drops Francisco off at daycare in the mornings so I am usually  at work by about 7:25am. Work today included 7 meetings, extending a couple offers, eating lunch at my desk while I listened to voicemails, and sending a crazy number of emails. At 4:15pm, I scrambled to leave work and rushed to pick Francisco up from daycare. Once we got home at about 4:45pm, I alternated between playing with Francisco, making dinner and catching up with Carlos on how our days went. We ate dinner and Francisco went to bed at 6pm (I know, early — a discussion for another post.) At 6:15pm, I grabbed my work laptop and turned it on.

And now, I realize it is TWO HOURS later and I haven’t moved from the couch. Another two hours of work, it’s now 8:15pm and I haven’t worked out. I worked instead of working out. Working and being a full-time parent is crazy.

Today is not a complete failure though – I still made consciously healthy decisions.

But tomorrow, tomorrow I need to work out.


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