Tummy Tuck Workout to Flatten Belly Pooch

Tummy Tuck Workout to Flatten Belly Pooch

After having 4 kids, (three of those gremlins were by c-section), I got a tummy tuck consult that went absolutely horrible. You can scroll down for the video link on what happened, but in a nutshell, the doctor was a big time jerk. I left his office frustrated, and just kept working out.

These are some of the exercises I did to reduce my belly pooch and tighten my abs without a tummy tuck. I still do these exercises to maintain my core. It takes less than 10 mins, 3 times per week to cinch in and tighten your lower abs and lower belly pooch. The second important key to getting rid of belly pudge is to clean up your eating habits. At the end of this video I give you my most important tip to get rid of the stomach pudge through dietary tweaks. 


  1. Standing ab tilt  
  2. Chair Leg lifts 
  3. Hand-to-foot Pillow Pass 
  4. Scissors
  5. Toe taps

You will need a pillow and chair for this workout. Do your best with these exercises. You may not be that great at first, but just work up to your ability and push towards your potential. Do not begin any postpartum workouts until you’ve received your doctor’s approval.

My Tummy Tuck Consult Gone Wrong: https://youtu.be/0puAifDCBuk


Below are links to several of my videos that will help you with your food choices:

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