Snacktime! Buttery Parmesan Toast Recipe

Snacktime! Buttery Parmesan Toast Recipe

Say hello to Buttery Parmesan Toast. Oh meee oh my-my-my. I threw this together in a pinch when my stomachs were demanding an afternoon snack attack. It’s so darn simple to make and extremely satisfying.

The yummy goal here is to have as little prep as possible, thus, nothing else has been added but the following…


  1. Get your Food For Life Ezekiel Bread toasted up (I used their Sprouted Whole Grain variety)
  2. Add da’ buttahs to the toast
  3. Sprinkle with a wee bit of salt
  4. Go to town with the parmesan

Heck yesss. This right here did the trick. The salty-buttery-cheesy combo surely hit the spot, and it take less than 2 minutes to make! It’s perfect for anytime of day, and it’s something even a picky kid would gobble up.

When I posted this to my Instagram someone suggested making the toast even more fancy by adding avocado and/or tomatoes. That is definitely a yes move. Doesn’t that sound delicious, too?

Because I’m low carb for the sake of keeping my mid-section slimmed down, I am very careful about choosing wisely with my carb intake. I’m not going to waste it on just any ole’ carb. But this slice of toast is royalty.

How would you whip up your own version of Buttery Parmesan Toast? 

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