Proven Methods to Avoid Stomach Flu

Proven Methods to Avoid Stomach Flu

I do my best to activate ninja action moves when it comes to staying healthy and germ-free. I eat right, diligently research and shop for natural health supplements, self-educate, gather healthy intel, apply what works, and share it with you all. But the stomach flu seems to be a whole ‘nother beast — a higher power of sickness that attacks anyone in its path… or does it?

I didn’t know it was possible to avoid the stomach bug. I thought we were all hopeless and at the mercy of a vomit-fest whenever it felt the whim to grip us. When Greedy Baby started barfing last week, I thought, “How can I avoid catching this? Is there a way, if at all possible, that I can fight back to protect the rest of my family from getting sick?”

It seemed like a lost cause, but after a half-day’s worth of research, what I learned successfully prevented the rest of my family from getting the stomach bug: The key is to keep your body in an alkaline state. There are particular tools to do this.

The stomach flu does NOT like alkaline. The virus thrives in an acidic environment. If you’ve already got the bug you’ll just have deal, but if you’ve been exposed and not yet showing symptoms, you need to get your body into an alkaline state immediately.

WHAT IS ALKALINE VS. ACIDIC? In a nutshell, alkaline foods enable the body’s cell to take in more oxygen, whereas acidic foods do a bang-up job of depriving cells of oxygen, leading to sickness and disease. The key is to keep the body in the proper pH state. This key article provides a thorough explanation of why alkaline is so important, and includes a helpful reference link to alkaline and acidic foods.

When you maintain alkaline as a way of living, you decrease your chances of not only getting the bug, but you also become a heavy-hitter in successfully fighting back against diseases like cancer.

Let’s touch on what to do immediately if you’re at risk for stomach bug. Although nothing in life is guaranteed, these methods are tried and proven by tons of people:

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice: This kept coming up in my Interwebs research — mostly in forums and on parenting websites where moms shared how this particular juice was effective at boosting their family’s resistance against the bug. I had an aha moment when I read this. Why? Because I drank 100% grape juice daily to combat extreme nausea when I was pregnant with Greedy Baby. This may give credence to the idea that keeping your body in an alkaline state also helps to combat morning sickness. >> How to Prevent Stomach Flu: Grape Juice is the Trick

Apple Cider Vinegar: THIS is so important! While I didn’t have Welch’s on hand when Greedy Baby got sick, I did have Apple Cider Vinegar. The Bragg Organic Vinegar Apple Cider Proven Methods to Avoid Stomach Flu is pretty much the most respected brand around, but use whatever you have on hand in a pinch. I gave the vinegar to my family: 2 teaspoons diluted in water for adults; 1 teaspoon diluted in water for the kids. Squeezes of fresh lemon juice in the water as well. It will be extremely bitter, but just do it. Not only does this vinegar promote the proper pH, it also helps control weight and removes toxins.

Probiotics: This helps to put your digestive system into proper balance. There is sooo much info out on there probiotics to prevent stomach flu, so do your Google-ing, sit back and enjoy the educational reading saga. Look into Garden of Life probiotics. Their product line is well-reviewed by consumers and includes probiotics for children.

I’m loving the way natural health alternatives release the choke hold of “no-mercy” and put the power of health back in our hands. We are not at the mercy of Big Pharma in every situation of sickness, nor are we sentenced to an automatic barf-fest just because we’re exposed to the stomach flu. Nature provides what we need to stay well. I encourage you to do your own research and decide what best for you and you family.

Stay well, my friends! Because the stomach flu?? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

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