Post-Comp Sensational Sunday With a Sleepy Toddler

Post-Comp Sensational Sunday With a Sleepy Toddler

Oh, my WORD! I have so much I want to jam in this post and exactly 65 minutes before the Game of Thrones finale so bear with my rambles.

First of all, yesterday was AWESOME! Like really awesome. I spent the day competing at a local CrossFit affiliate and yet again held my own with the young bucks tying for 15th out 44 scaled female competitors. The workouts were pretty intense and the heat made them even more so.

The coolest thing was playing around with Periscope. I was actually able to broadcast live a few times! It was so fun and my friend helped out with the filming while I was competing.

I saved 2 of them and tried to post on YouTube but only one processed correctly. The quality is horrible but you can get a vibe for how a CrossFit competition workout is.

(workout starts at 2:02)

That was the last workout. I was trying to pace myself. It was hot and I was dying even though the weight was pretty light.

At the end my other friend captured my double unders in slow mo. This may be the least flattering video ever but I don’t care. It’s taken me TWO YEARS to be able to do them! I’m going to show them off.

That same friend took a bunch of photos too!

I love my face in this one…


Once the timer starts at these things I’m in go mode. I don’t care who’s watching or what I look like. I don’t even notice the spectators.

I just don’t care.

I just am.

And that’s my favorite thing about competing.

Apparently I’m also a big fan of the thumbs up…



I think it’s a nervous tick when someone lets me know they are taking my photo. lol

This one cracked me UP!


It was after the first workout and it nearly killed me, if you can’t tell.

I’m really proud of my performance yesterday. Honestly, I was surprised how well I did considering I haven’t really been focusing on training or even thinking about it.

Unlike a big running event I always come out of a CrossFit competition with a desire to do more, not take a break. It’s weird.

Once I got home I ate dinner with the boys and just hung out.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 9.21.34 PM

We had a great night.

Today was a pretty typical Sensational Sunday.

The boys and I hung out in the morning.


I made some oatmeal muffins for breakfast.


And gave all three of my men haircuts. 🙂


Then we were off to see Jurassic World!


Evan has been waiting patiently for this movie for MONTHS. We’ve watched all the originals to see if he could handle the scariness of the dinosaurs and he’s obsessed. He sleeps with a T-Rex, has a million dinosaur books, and wears a dino shirt just about every day of the week.

We were a little worried about taking him to see the new one since he’s a little young but we decided it was worth it. Plus I could always take him out of the theater if it was too violent.

Well, it never became an issue because this is what happened within the first 30 minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 8.40.08 PM

He was OUT! which is so unlike him. HE rarely even naps anymore!

He slept through the whole thing. I snapped that during the credits.

It gave us all a good laugh. Even Evan thought it was funny when he woke up after the lights came on. We’ve been joking about it ever since.

After the movie we went grocery shopping (I remembered my bags again!!) and grilled some steaks for dinner.

That’s about it. I have exactly 12 minutes before the finale. I’ve got to go and get my PJs on!

Hope you had a great weekend!



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