Let me try this again.

Let me try this again.

Another day where I’ve waken up feeling ready to tackle the world. So, let’s try this again. I set my workout clothes on the bed so they are there looking at me when I get home.

aaww… Mr. Iggy. My first lil’ baby! He is adjusting fairly well to Francisco. 7 months now, I cannot believe it. Iggy didn’t look at Carlos or me the first few weeks, he was so mad at us for bringing home a crying baby. But every day they seem to get along more and more. Iggy is very careful around Francisco. Francisco has so far been fairly careful with Iggy. I try to be very consistent in trying to teach Francisco to pet Iggy nicely, saying “nice doggy.” Iggy LOVES to play tug ‘o war and I’ve seen Francisco being very attentive when I play with Iggy the past month. In fact, in the past week or so, I’ve noticed Francisco will pick up one of Iggy’s toys and try to hold it up to Iggy. Iggy doesn’t really know how to respond. I’m not sure I want Francisco playing tug ‘o war with Iggy right now, I feel like Iggy and Francisco may not understand boundaries just yet and one of them will get too rough with the other. Either way, we keep a pretty close eye on both of them when they get near each other. I’m glad though that Iggy seems to be adjusting well to Francisco – I was a little nervous at first because I certainly did baby my little Iggster.

Alright friends, it’s Tuesday and we got work to do. Here’s to a day full of healthy decisions!


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