Just Another Day at the Gym, With FOOD!

Just Another Day at the Gym, With FOOD!

On Tuesday’s post, Tina commented:

 Any chance you can snap food photos on one of these days to share? I just don’t know how you find the energy. I would have come home after the morning shift and slept or been groggy all day. Is it coffee getting you through? Or do you just naturally have that much energy? (I can’t drink caffeine. Upsets my stomach too much.) Your gym looks super clean by the way 🙂

And I’m glad she did because lately I feel a little like I lost my blogging mojo. It’s not that I don’t want to blog, it’s that I almost feel like no one cares, so why bother?

And no, this isn’t a cry for attention or an attempt to get people to comment or anything like that. It’s just the natural progression of a blogger, I think. I’ve been at this for 10 years. I’ve gone through so many changes and this blog has documented my entire transformation.

Right now, much like I was when I left Weight Watchers (or stepped off the scale or started CrossFit) I get blog-conscious in a way. You’d think I’d be over it by now but throwing yourself out there is never really easy. Especially when you feel like you’ve changed, grown, or crossed over into a new realm of weird.

So lately with the job at the gym and my non-diet approach to eating, and my shift from weight loss to strength gain I just feel like no one will give a crap about what I’m blogging about.

Then I get a comment like Tina’s and it reminds me that *this* — blogging about what’s going through my mind, what I’m eating, how I’m managing a healthier lifestyle — has always been the focus of my blog. And even though it’s not specifically weight loss-centric I’m still doing what I set out to do, which is document my journey. It may have started out as a quest to lose weight but then evolved into weight maintenance (even through pregnancy) and now I can claim the move into fitness professional, I think.

Wow, that’s crazy.

I mean really.


Anyway, my Thursday is pretty similar to my Tuesday but with one cool distinction — it’s my bowling league night!

6 a.m. this morning I was up bright and early to take class with everyone. Thursdays are mobility days and I love them! We sit around, stretch and chat together.

Afterwards I snapped this shot with my FitAid.

They are hosting a contest for the gym with the most selfies so of course I’m participating. I have the whole gym involved and we’re giving it our best go. You can see the latest pics on our IG page.

When I got home I made the kids waffles, pulled out some leftovers for myself and shared my new plan for easy meal planning on IG.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.48.01 PM

Basically my approach to food is cooking big.

I used to make just enough for me and the boys because, well, I have a habit of overeating. Lately, time is tight and I found myself eating out more because I didn’t have enough prepared.

Now I make 2-3 big meals a week and then utilize the leftovers for myself or other family dinners. For example, this week on Sunday I roasted a huge pork loin — not one of those little skinny guys but a full size one — and on Monday I roasted a large chicken. I’ve been eating the pork for breakfast or lunch in some capacity, and last night I used the leftover chicken for taco night. I also got in the habit of roasting extra potatoes with dinner and at least one large squash a week.

It’s been working like a charm.

Once the kids were off to school I cleaned, took a shower and then headed back to the gym for the afternoon shift.

After getting a few tasks done at the gym I did my new favorite thing in the world — planned out our Fit Kid’s class for this evening. The kids LOVE obstacle courses so every class I put together something different. This was tonight’s…

Obstacle Course

So fun! I really, REALLY have a passion for working out with kids. I can’t wait until I take the CrossFit Kids Certification course in December. I’ve heard it’s a blast.

For lunch I brought, yup you guessed it, leftovers. This is some leftover pho from a local Vietnamese place with added leftover chicken and some of my own homemade broth mixed in.


I had 2 bowls that size about an hour apart. I’m really trying to only eat when I’m hungry so I saved half knowing my stomach would growl again in a bit.

After my shift at the gym I ran to pick up the 10-year-old from Lego club and the 4-year-old from pre-k. Then I brought them back to the gym for the kids class.

Tonight I don’t teach the class, however, I get them started with Coach Joe and then headed out early to bowling — a much needed couple of hours with friends.

As for the rest of Tina’s question about coffee — no, I’m not a coffee person. There are days I’m dragging but honestly, when I’m eating good and keeping up with my workouts I find I have lots of energy. It’s definitely a product of working out more, I think.

Every now and then I’ll grab an energy drink but not regularly. They normally coincide with days I stayed up way too late watching TV with The Husband.

As for the food the rest of the day I grabbed one of these new bars from the gym on my way to the bowling alley…


and then honestly, I got my fill of beer and popcorn.

I just got home so I’ve got to go.

I hope that sheds some light — thanks for the comment, Tina!



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