Is struggling with healthiness a privilege?

Is struggling with healthiness a privilege?

It’s ironic now that I decided that I need to blog again, I find myself with nothing to say. Every time I think about writing a blog post, it just sounds so repetitive with what I’ve written years and years ago.

I’m holding steady at 210 right now, so a total of 6lbs lost in 6 weeks. Laughable, honestly. 6 pounds is 6 pounds but to be honest, I know I can do better. I’m still letting a lot of excuses win. Francisco got his first ear infection last Monday on top of a pretty crazy cold he had been fighting. Poor little guy, I just wanted to smother him in snuggles. He got on antibiotics which kicked in pretty quickly so all was well except in less than 24 hour, I caught the cold he had. A cold that knocked me out. Wednesday I got home from work and went right to bed. Thursday I could barely talk and by the time Friday came, I couldn’t even get out of bed. I slept the whole day. My voice started to come back on Saturday but barely. It’s now Tuesday and I’ve had this cold for a week. I am still barely surviving. Scratchy voice, sneezing, coughing and just getting by.

A time when my body needs the healthiest foods possible to fight off this cold and I’m struggling. An excuse, I tell myself. All excuses. I am not being hard on myself, I am just being honest with myself. I know that in order to be healthy, I have to stop allowing all these normal life happenings to get in my way. I have a child now. I am pretty sure I will be tired for the next 18 years. I will need to figure it out. And I have a job. One that is fairly intense and requires me to work 50 hours a week. I am not a unique snowflake with struggles that others don’t have. Other people… other women figure this out.

So what do I blog about?

I certainly do not have the capacity to write multiple times a week about what I do every day. Nor do I want to anymore. I have no interest in chronicling my life day-by-day because frankly, wouldn’t that be boring? My life is not exciting, lol.

When I originally mentioned I needed to be back, my thought was that I needed to blog through the struggles. But given all that is going on in the world, it seems so…. juvenile. So privileged of me that being healthy is a struggle. Other people in this world have struggles so much bigger than what I’m going through and yet here I sit in my tiny corner of Milwaukee struggling because even though I have access to an abundance of amazing healthy foods, I don’t want to eat it.

Okay – I think I’m going down a rabbit hole here and I’m not sure where it will stop if I don’t just stop myself

6 pounds. A victory, albeit a small victory.


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