I’m okay, you’re okay – WE ARE OKAY.

I’m okay, you’re okay – WE ARE OKAY.

No matter how frustrated I get.
No matter how many times I feel like I’ve failed at this whole healthiness thing.
No matter how often I struggle.

I still know that I am okay. I have an amazing husband and an amazing little boy who is growing way too quickly.

My weight does not define me. My struggles do not imply that I should just give up. Being healthy isn’t just something we can do, check the box, and be done with. For so many people, including myself, being healthy will be lifelong. I will never just “be healthy.”

Every day is a new opportunity to try, try again. Every day, I wake up with good intent. And while good intent doesn’t automatically translate to everything working out like I had planned, I am so thankful that despite my failures, I have not given up.

I can only imagine how it can be from an outsider. This blog has been here for TEN YEARS. And what have I accomplished in ten years? A lot, actually. I am not perfect, I struggle. But I am okay. We are all okay, despite whatever we are struggling with.

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