I found the best shirt today!

I found the best shirt today!
Real Not Perfect

And it was on sale buy 1 get 1 for $14!

Why was I at the mall in Ohio, you ask?

Well, it was time to train the dogs in some real-life situations and Cowboy did smashing!

training the dog at the mall

I’ve been sharing a few photos on IG through the day if you’re interested in following along in more real time. I love taking photos and sharing on social media while I’m out here. It helps me feel less alone.

I mean, I’m not alone but “out of my element” if you know what I mean.

I miss my boys SO MUCH.


We skyped today and I’m so grateful to be able to see them. Isn’t technology awesome? I mean, I text The Husband throughout the day, I’m sending photos to Facebook, which updates my stepfather on what’s happening with the dog, and I’m talking to and seeing my boys during dinner with all the whining about eating broccoli, toy dinosaurs and all.


And so comforting.

Anyway, on the food/workout front I’m killing it while I’m out here. I’ve dropped in at a local gym here all week so far. I’m cooking most meals at the hotel and just posted my latest dinner on GreenLiteBites.

Tomorrow morning I’m planning on taking the dog for a run since I can’t make the gym before training starts.

That’s about it from my neck of the woods.  I’m not sure what the next 7 days hold except more dog training, so if you follow me on social media I apologize in advance for all the dog photos but gosh darn he’s super cute!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.55.38 PM


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