Greedy Recipe! Jalapeno Eggs Over Easy

Greedy Recipe! Jalapeno Eggs Over Easy

Oh yesss. Cooking up ‘dem jalapeno eggs in my cast iron skillet.

jalapeno eggs Greedy Recipe! Jalapeno Eggs Over Easy

This is the perfect combination of protein for flat abs and muscle building, plus a thermonuclear explosion of spicy heat to keep that metabolism burning. You gotta try it.

I also hereby demand you to try cooking your eggs in coconut oil instead of butter. Coconut oil has so many benefits and definitely delivers an extra blast of tasty-flavor to eggs.

DIRECTIONS: Prep diced jalapenos prior to cooking eggs. Break eggs into pan and immediately sprinkle in your diced jalapenos. Continue to fry eggs as normal. 

Yup. I did breakfast for dinner with some jalapeno eggs served over a bed of corned beef hash. It was a quick & lazy meal with 21 grams of protein.

As for my beloved cast iron skillet, I noticed somebody used it and didn’t clean it right. Some anonymous scoundrel mistreated my skillet. This is a major violation. I will get to the bottom of this mystery even if it means I have to crawl to the innermost depths of earth’s core to find the answers I’m searching for.

I will find out who used my skillet. Bettah not have been YOU.






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