Expectations and accountability.

Expectations and accountability.

squat Expectations and accountability.

We expect our children to behave.

We expect our employers to pay us on time.

When we purchase a product it better damn well function as advertised.

All day long you have certain expectations of people and things. You hold them to a standard. Hell will most likely be raised if they don’t measure up consistently or fail to follow through on what is expected. They are accountable to you.

But do you place upon yourself the same level of expectations and accountability? Do you make it a priority to honor the personal commitments you make to yourself?

I’m asking you this because I first asked myself. It makes for a good dose of self-examination for the sake of personal improvement. It’s an opportunity to tweak the areas that need fine-tuning. It’s a chance to raise the bar for the end result of greater gain.

When you commit to your health & fitness, it’s not okay to repeatedly drop the ball. And why should it be? When others honor their commitments to you in a wishy-washy, lackadaisical-type fashion, you hold them accountable, right? Be that same person when dealing with self.

This is not a call to action to strive for perfection and do everything right 100% of the time. That’s impossible, of course. Yet I’m sure there is a personal “knowing” on the inside of you whether you are giving something your best effort or simply being lazy about it.

I challenge you to live each day in the most excellent way you can. Not with perfection, but with a personal gold standard (however you define it). Place expectations on yourself and follow through with excellence and great effort and zeal. Be accountable to YOU.






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