7 Things I Hated About My Obesity

7 Things I Hated About My Obesity

I often post positive aspects about weight loss because I know that staying positive is an important part of successful weight loss. After all, if you don’t believe you can do it or that the effort is worth it, you will probably have problems finishing your journey.

However, I do think it’s important to come to terms with why you want to lose weight in the first place. I tried for a solid decade to lose weight and get healthy to no avail. During that time I alternated between trying to accept my obesity and hating everything about being 300 pounds.

There was that point where I realized I had to make a change. In making that decision, I confronted all the things I hated about being obese as well as dreaming about how losing weight would change the course of my life. Making a mental and written list of the frustrations of being obese was a good thing for me.

I often thought about the things I hated about being obese when I felt weak during my weight loss effort. I thought about it when I wanted to quit. And I thought about it when I wanted to pig out at McDonald’s. I know I’m not alone because a lot of people I work with find remembering why they hate being obese to be a reason to keep going.

Here are just eight of my reasons for turning my back on obesity. I wonder if your list is similar to mine. . .

1. The Clothes

Diane Carbonell Before Pictures Plaid JumperThis picture is a classic for me. Jumper, t-shirt, and not much style. Other very bad clothes included stretch knit pants, oversized men’s t-shirts, and old jumpers I wore long past their prime.

2. Feeling Self Conscious About My Weight

When I was obese, there weren’t that many other obese people in my social circles. I was almost always the biggest person in the room and I felt very self conscious about that. It was hard walking into a room and feeling everyone else size me up – and not in a good way.

3. Not Fitting In

airplane seats are too small

One of the worst feelings was not fitting into airline seats, restaurant booths, and even cars. I hated that part of being obese.

4. Feeling Tired All the Time

How to get the motivation to get off the couch

I was tired all the time even when I had no reason to be. I sat on the couch a lot, I avoided physical activity whenever possible, and complained a lot about how hard everything was for me. I’m sure John got tired of hearing it because I sure got tired of saying it.

5. Feeling Out of Control with Food

I felt completely out of control when it came to food. I would eat huge amounts of fast food, lots and lots of sweets, and large portions of whatever food was in front of me. At the end of each evening I’d lay in bed thinking about how badly I had done and swear to myself that I would do better the next morning. That never happened.

6. Being Asked When I Was Due

Diane Carbonell Pink Dress

I cannot even tell you how many times people asked me when I was due when I was not pregnant. It got to the point where I just went along with it to avoid embarrassing both of us. I, like many other obese women, carried a lot of weight in my abdomen and I can understand why people thought I was pregnant. That didn’t mean it hurt any less though.

7. Avoiding Having My Picture Taken

film camera

I still don’t like having my picture taken, but when I was 300 pounds, I got mad at John whenever he took my picture. I hated looking at them after getting them back from the developer and hated how I looked. Part of the reason I hated how I looked in pictures was because the pictures didn’t lie. I missed out on documenting some important times of my life because of my aversion to having my photo taken.

Listing what frustrates you about your weight may not be pleasant, but it can help you remember why you are working so hard to get those excess pounds off.

Do you have a list of what frustrates you about being overweight? Does remembering those reasons keep you motivated? Diane



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