The hardest 16 ever!

The scale shows 16lbs down and I’m feeling a groove. I am getting to the gym more and more in the mornings now that Francisco is FINALLY sleeping through the night. I haven’t gotten into hitting the gym every morning but progress is progress.

It’s been nice a couple weekends in a row now, so I’ve gotten in a couple runs in on the weekends. It’s such a good feeling going out for a run and then coming home to have coffee and breakfast outside. Francisco LOVES to be outside.

We are starting to explore Milwaukee a little more, now that it’s nice. A couple weekends ago, we went to the zoo and Francisco was memorized by the animals.

We have also started to explore parks nearby. We don’t have anyt within walking distance but luckily don’t have to drive too far. Francisco doesn’t really run around the park too much, he just wants to play with and throw the wood chips around.  

I can’t wait until we are in a house later this summer – we are just starting to look now and there are so many amazing houses in the Milwaukee area. It will be great to have a yard again, to have space again.

We were supposed to go back to Minneapolis this weekend however Francisco is teething HARD. He is getting his canine teeth and these seem to be the hardest out of all of them for him. Poor little guy. He isn’t sleeping right, isn’t eating normal, is cranky and moody — all the stuff that comes with teething. I decided it was best to just keep him home in his normal routine, in his own bed and where we can try to keep him on somewhat of a normal schedule.

I got a Fitbit so it helps encourage me throughout the day, watching the steps add up. I don’t think I realized how sedentary my job really was. I’ve done multiple challenges with my sisters, who each also have Fitbits. I talk to my sisters often but the challenges mean we are in touch ALL DAY LONG, ha! Speaking of steps, I need to get up and get some water – catch ya’ll later!

Have a great weekend!

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